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ASES HK-SG Summer Exchange Program 2006

Date: 15-19 July 2006 (Sat-Wed)
Location: Hong Kong
Expected delegates: 
     10 from Hong Kong, 5 from Singapore, 5 from Manila,
     5 from Taiwan, 5 from Zhejiang & 1 from Toronto (guest).
Program Fee: USD $99.
This include 4 nights of accommodation, 1 buffet dinner, war games expenses & a boat ride
in the heart of Hong Kong!!! Delegates will have the flexibility and option to buy their own choice of food. (Transportation & other meals will not be included)
Deadline: 2006/05/12 (Fri)
 - Email application to
 - Then committee of ASES-Taiwan will choose 5 candidates
 - Member of ASES-Taiwan
 - Application form (You may download it here.)
 - Attendance at ASES events
05/14: Announce the list of candidates on our official website
 ( and our board (ASES-Taiwan) in ptt
Feel free to contact with Peggy
 - 2005 Stanford summit delegate
 - 2005~2006 ASES-Taiwan President [0m








P        Opening Speech by ASES HK advisor

P        Ice-breaker Communication Workshop

P        Cultural presentations by all chapters

MakanSutra Food Game



War game and leadership building (Outdoor)

P        Supply Chain Management Workshop

P        Business Simulation

Pub/Bar night

(Lan Gui Fang)


Firm visit
Potentially Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Monetary Authority or Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (an high-tech industry incubation center supported by HK government)

P        Keynote lecture
"The growth of SMEs in Hong Kong"

P        Workshop (TBA)

Souvenir bargain night


Organized trip in Hong Kong:
Antique boat ride/ Hong Kong breakfast/ Hong Kong view on the mountain.


Free & easy tour with ASES-prepared guidebook, including Disneyland etc.

Brief description of program:

1) Communication Workshop V Model after the Mahjong Workshop from Singapore Summit

2) Cultural Presentations
- Each chapter that sends more than 4 delegates will get 15 min to present something culturally unique from their hometown/city. For example, it can be a cultural dance/song performance, a presentation (probably a bit of its history) of certain type of local food or a presentation on rules and cultures in your local business environment. Give us something fun and creative!!

 3) Makansutra Food Game
- This game is model after a Taiwanese show
Qrf. Participants will have certain mission to accomplish, but the main point here is that you get to try many different unique local Hong Kong foods. This is an alternative way to serve our delegates awesome dinner. *grin* 

4) War game and leadership building
- This is an outdoor game specially designed by ASES HK. Lets get dirty and wild. 

5) Supply Chain Management Workshop
- This workshop was initially conducted by Scotland Institute for Enterprise for their International Enterprise Summer School. ASES SG will modify the workshop to suit the purpose of our event. This will serve as an excellent team building game where participants will get to learn about operation, finance and management skills. Be ready to learn it the fun way! 

6) Business Simulation
- Using a popular business simulation software, ASES HK will bring to you a virtual business experience for FREE!