< 2009/2/16~2009/5/26 >
* 2009 ASES Innovation Competition is starting.

< 2008/10/3~2008/10/12 >
ASES Summit 2008 at Beijing.
Anita, Leon, Daniel are leaving for ASES Summit in 2008 at Beijimg.


< 2008/9/1 >
* The new 2008-2009 ASES-Taiwan president.
Anita Lee is selected as ASES-Taiwan president.

< 2008/4/4~2008/4/12 >
2008 ASES Stanford Summit.
Michael, Lily, Anita are leaving for 2008 Stanford Summit in Stanford.


< 2007/9/1 >
* New 2007-2008 ASES-Taiwan president.
Lily Chuang is selected as ASES-Taiwan president.

< 2007/8/29~2007/9/5 >
ASES Summit 2007 at Taipei.


< 2007/4/17 >
*Summit Website is now online!
The official website of ASES Summit 2007 in Taipei is now online.
Please visit:

< 2007/4/13 >
*ASES Summit 2007 at Taipei is open for application!
   Summit dates: 2007/8/29 - 2007/9/3
   Summit Fees: $350 USD
Click here for the application form.  To apply, please send form to asestaiwan@gmail.com

< 2006/11/16 >
*Regular Events: Schedule change 
 11/23 business game postpone to 12/28
Mr. Xie, speaker of the lecture on 12/28, will be going abroad and won't be able to attend the lecture.  He will be speaking next semester.  And since some members and staffs are still having midterm exams next week, the business game session planned for 11/23 will be postponed to 12/28.

< 2006/10/20 >
* Lecture speakers updated, again!
Please visit our "Regular Events" section!  Extra information and links to the speakers' companies are also included.

< 2006/10/15 >
* Lecture speakers updated!
Please visit our "Regular Events" section!  Extra information and links to the speakers' companies are also included.

< 2006/10/11 >
2006 ASES Conference @ Singapore
Members that are interested in participating, please note that the application deadline is approaching!  Please apply on www.ases.org.sg and send us an email: asestaiwan@gmail.com.  You can still have early bird discount!  For more information please visit www.ases.org.sg.

< 2006/10/11 >
* Lecture: 10/12 (THU), opening at 18:30, starting 19:00
Speaker: 茂系亞股份有限公司副總經理  饒允武先生
Topic: The path of starting up
Place: 綜合104
The 2nd lecture of this semester will give an overview of the different phases in starting up a company.  Members get to know the basic components of   successful start-ups, and what they have been through.  Welcome members!

< 2006/9/21 >
* Lecture: 10/5 (THU), opening at 18:30, starting 19:00

Speaker: 飛鴻企管總經理  吳文斌先生
Topic: Why chose to be an entrepreneur?
Place: 綜合104
This is the first lecture of the semester!  Welcome, members!

< 2006/9/21 >
ASES Get-Together 2006 in Beijing, 9/30~10/1

ASES Get-Together in Beijing: the first international get-together exclusively for ASES alumni and members. 
Day 0 Welcome to Beijing
- Check-in & Campus Visit
Day 1 Business in Beijing
- Keynote Speech, Panel Discussion, Company Visit, Networking Dinner
Day 2 Fun in Beijing
- Sightseeing and Good Food
What are you waiting for?  For more info please contact us at asestaiwan@gmail.com 

< 2006/9/15 >
* 招生說明會 @ NTU活大103,
9/19(Tues), 19:00
ASES 2006 Welcoming Night will be held on 9/19 (19:00) at The First Student Activity Center, Room 103.  We will be giving a brief introduction of ASES-Taiwan and ASES-International, a sharing of summit experiences, and also free time for new members to get to know each other. 

< 2006/9/15 >
* 社團聯展@NTU

ASES-Taiwan will participate in the Annual NTU Club Exhibition.  We will be introducing our organization and recruiting new members.  Feel free to visit our section.  ASES-Taiwan welcomes you! 

< 2006/9/3 >
* 2006 ASES Conference @ Singapore

2006 ASES Conference is held by ASES-Singapore on 10/28~11/2
Events include:
10/28~10/29: ASES' VC Workshops and tours around Singapore
10/30~10/31: ASES Conference 2006 @ GES, Final competition of VCCC (Venture Capitalist Case Competition), and various activities such as the Business Matching Portal (see www.globalentrepolis.com)
11/1~11/2: Networking sessions, HotPitch, Enterprise Exchange, etc.
For more information, please visit www.ases.org.sg

< 2006/8/25 >
* 2006 ASES Zhejiang Summit

Stephen, Victor, Mark, Charlie, Ray and James are leaving for 2006 Zhejiang Summit in Hangzhou.  They will be meeting 60 delegates from around the globe, learn about the entrepreneurship in China, and savor the beauty of the famous West Lake. 

< 2006/7/14 >
2006 ASES HK-SG Summer Exchange Program
Lily, Gero, Victor and Warren will be leaving for Hong Kong!
Have a pleasant trip!

< 2006/7/10 >
* New staff list updated!

The 2006-2007 executive team of ASES-Taiwan is formed!

< 2006/5/30 >
* The new 2006-2007 ASES-Taiwan president

Stephen Chou is elected as ASES-Taiwan president.

< 2006/4/25 >
* 2006 ASES HK-SG Summer Exchange Program

Now welcome to apply.
For much more information, please read over here.

< 2006/4/17 >
* 2006-2007 ASES-Taiwan president

Now welcome to apply.
For much more information, please read over here.

< 2006/4/2 >
* 2006 ASES Asia summit @Zhejiang

If ASES-Zhejiang announces any further info, we will put it here.

< 2006/3/29 >
* Delegates of MIT Sloan and NTU Roundtable Conference

Announcement Link

< 2006/3/18 >
* MIT Sloan and NTU Roundtable Conference

This Friday (3/31) 12:30~13:30 @Building of Mgmt, NTU, we ASES-Taiwan will hold a conference with Epoch Foundation and MIT Sloan School of Management, to have 25 Sloan MBA students, one Sloan professor - Neal A. Hartman and 30 NTU students, discuss issues about business.

我們將提供30個名額給台大的學生 不限ASES-Taiwan或時代基金會的成員(但若報名人數過多,以會員優先)

若有任何疑問,歡迎email至: xpeggy (at) gmail.com、或至ptt "ASES-Taiwan"看板詢問 :)
Q&A link

< 2006/2/20 >
* Course outline for this semester

Course outline for this semester has been announced.
Please see: Regular event, or download
Also, calendar is updated.

< 2006/1/30 >
* Update

Calendar, team, links.

< 2006/1/25 >
* Welcome an entrepreneurial group from Macao with 青創總會

Thanks for 青創總會, we have a precious chance to attend a welcome party for
an entrepreneurial group from Macao.
Here is a newsletter from 青創總會.

< 2005/12/27 >
* ASES speech
Download EDM and Flow/schedule.
Welcome to attend the speech :)

< 2005/12/20 >
* ASES Speech
創新的POWER —黃肇雄•05年最後一堂創新課
講者:迅連科技Cyberlink創辦人 黃肇雄先生
時間:2005/12/29 (Thu) 18:30入場、19:00開始
並榮幸邀請到社團指導教授 工管系游張松教授 為我們作開場致詞
Download EDM

* ASES Networking party
12/22 (Thu) @二活601A
Welcome ASES-alumni, staffs and members to have a small party together :)

< 2005/12/16 >
* ASES One-day trip!
9:30 a.m. @石牌 MRT station.
Event: Rock climbing
Cost: NTD 200 per person.
Welcome to join us!

< 2005/12/8 >
* The following Schedule
Please see the calendar :)
Study group for 12/15: until Ch12. 

< 2005/12/3 >
* Study Group
We already decided the book from voting - 創意工廠MIT.
The first round will be held on 12/8@二活601A.

* Update
"About ASES" for history, "Executive Team" for info of ASES-professional.

< 2005/11/30 >
* ASES Company visit - changes schedule.
Since 12/3 is voting day, to ensure every member's right,
we change the date into 12/10.
Sorry for rescheduling!

< 2005/11/28 >
* ASES Company visit!!
2005/12/10 9:30am @Main entrace of NTU(台大正門)
Schedule: 10am~12pm
Company: 德威牙醫(景美分院) 台北市文山區興隆路一段72-74號
(Company visits on this day will not be open to public.)

< 2005/11/24 >
* ASES calendar
We provide a calendar for you :)
From August 2005 to December 2005.
Please see "ASES calendar" from the menu.

China Youth Career Development Association Headquarters 
(中國青年創業協會總會) has added a link to our website in their frontpage:

< 2005/11/10 >

* Following Events on November
11/16 Study Group - by Peggy (providing related documents through emails)
11/17 Cash Flow game - by Stephen and Lisle (using laptops)
11/19 Birthday Party!!!
11/24 Lecture: Entrepreneurship and Law
11/?? Company visit day
11/30 Study Group
Every Monday noon: English corner

* Preliminary list of 2006 Stanford summit (Taiwan Chapter)
Please see here.

< 2005/11/3 >
* 2006 Stanford summit applications

2006 Stanford summit applications to ASES-Taiwan are due today.
There are 18 applicants in total.
The preliminary list of acceptance will be announced on 11/10 through email,
also on the board in ptt and the official website.
Applicants should do all they can to join our following events.
The involvement and willingness will be really important for being chosen as a delegate.
For more information, please see "ASES-Taiwan" in ptt.

< 2005/10/20 >
* 2006 Stanford summit!

Now you may apply for Stanford summit.
For more information, please read here.


FAQ has been provided.
See "About ASES" from the menu or read here : )

< 2005/10/5 >
10/6(Thu) First lecture of this semester.

The lecture "Overview of Entrepreneurship" will be opened to everyone.
See "Regular Event" from the menu.
Moreover, we've sent out inviting letter with details through email.
You are very welcome to join us!

< 2005/10/1 >

We've updated information about ASES-Professional to "Executive Team,"
and the establishment of ASES chapters to "About ASES."

< 2005/9/30 >
10/3(Mon) English corner with ASES!

We will have this event in the lunch time at the table next to the main library in NTU. Come join us!

10/6(Thu) First lecture of this semester.

The lecture "Overview of Entrepreneurship" will be opened to everyone.
See "Regular Event" from the menu.

< 2005/9/28 >
9/29(四) ASES亞太青年創業社 招生說明會!

On 9/29 6:30p.m., we will have an introduction to ASES.
Moreover, we've sent out inviting letter with details through email.
You are very welcome to join us!

< 2005/9/20 >
* Course outline has been announced.

Plz see "Regular Event" from the menu.

< 2005/9/16 >
* 社團聯展@NTU

From 10am to 2pm, we ASES-Taiwan will have a event in National Taiwan Univ.
for introducing and recruiting new members.
Welcome to join us!

< 2005/8/25 >

* Time for
Singapore summit!

Today Michael, Cynthia and Peggy will leave for Singapore,
and Stephen will arrive later.
There will be more than 50 delegates attending the summit from 8/29 to 9/4.
Bon voyage!


< 2005/8/23 >
* Company visit and interview: with Wesley @iaSolution

For Singapore summit, we interviewed with Wesley Kuo, who is the founder of  iaSolution and the president of Aplix Corporation.

< 2005/8/18 >
* Special Programs, Regular Event, and the Executive Team 
    for year 2005-2006 have been announced.

See "Special Programs", "Regular Event", and "Executive Team" from the menu on the left hand side.
Now we have 10 members in total.

< 2005/8/1 >
* Meeting with China Youth Career Development Association Headquarters 

Their official website: http://www.careernet.org.tw
This year we will cooperate with them!

< 2005/5/21 >
* Congratulations!!!

ASES-Taiwan has received the award of webpage designing
of National Taiwan University.
-- The certificate of award 獎狀


< 2005/5/20 >
* 2005 ASES summer summit-Singapore!

Date: 2005/8/28-9/3
Fee: $ 350 USD (travel fare is not included)
Application http://www.im.ntu.edu.tw/~b91050/ASES/ASESappl.doc
Email back to b89302337@ntu.edu.tw
Deadline for application: 5/ 14
Selection Result: 5/18
Detail: http://ases2005summit.cjb.net/

* ASES one day Trip!

Date: 5/ 27 Sun 10:00
Content: Ice skating, Costco/ the zoo

* Week of Entrepreneurship!!

Event : AVEDA Speech, Hi-Tech Speech

* 2005 ASES-Taiwan Networking Party is coming!!

Date:6/9 19:00 601A
Party for all the ASES-Professional and ASES-Collegiate members!