Twice each year, ASES members from all chapters gather at Stanford University and a rotating Asia-Pacific city for entrepreneurship summits that explore transpacific business and leadership issues. During the school year, ASES chapters continue our dialogue and discussion online through our active global forum. The ASES International network has created lasting friendships that have led to business partnerships and start-ups after graduation ˇV a validation that ASES International continues to foster and grow transpacific business leaders for the future.

Summit content:

Keynote speeches, panel discussion, company visiting, Delegatesˇ¦ presentation, Culture Experience! FUN and FRIENDSHIP!!!

Summit experiences of ASES-Taiwan

2003 HK summit
2004 Stanford summit
2005 Stanford summit
(some personal pics:
2005 Singapore summit
2006 Stanford summit
2006 HK-SG Exchange Program
2006 Zhejiang summit
2007 Taiwan summit
2008 Beijing summit
2009 Australia summit