Student Member

宋凱瑜 SONG, KAI-YU Veronica

Veronica is a graduate student in Translation and Interpretation. She is passionate about films and aspires to become a filmmaker in Hollywood. She is interested in people’s stories and likes to relate to them. She also loves going on adventures and has visited almost 50 countries. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, hiking and writing scripts.

李昱瑋 LI, YU-WEI Sarra

Sarra is a senior in Mechanical Engineering at NTU. She is currently working on animal experiments regarding Implanted Neural Interfaces with NTU Biomedical Engineering Department, and has the passion to study further in this field for grad school. Apart from studying, she has been working as a research assistance in Tiny Machine and Mechanics Lab and as a marketing specialist in the Middle East region of IQ Technology Inc. She served as a secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs at NTU Student’s Association in her third year in college and had many experiences to work with private companies from the Middle East as a multi-lingual interpreter. When time allows, she loves swimming, biking and working out at the gym to train herself physically and mentally.

蘇怡安 SU, I-AN Amy

Amy, who graduated from law school two years ago, is studying forensic developmental psychology as her Masters. She is determined to bring changes to Taiwan’s legal system by linking her professions in law and passion in psychology. She loves travelling and she has been to international conferences in Turkey, Russia, & Hong Kong. She has also been an exchange student at University of Washington in Seattle, US a year ago. She loves photography, writing, watching movies, and detective/legal dramas (e.g., Criminal Minds, Silk, and recently How to Get Away with Murder!). Since she’s a girl who’s interested in EVERYTHING NEW, she just cannot wait to embrace the upcoming extraordinary trip to Kuwait! السلام عليكم!

林蔓娟 LIN, MAN-CHUAN Sandy

Sandy is now studying her fifth year in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, specializing in landscape architecture. She is a life enthusiast with passion for a variety of art and design. Photography and writing are her favorite ways to record life. She loves seeing different sides of things and stories, because she believes there’s something extraordinary in everything.


Jun is a senior majoring in Public Health, and she is very lively and full of energy. Chatting with friends is what she loves to do. She has been to Malawi and Nepal, the experience there influenced her a lot. Her aim is to do something in public health field and hope to achieve the goal: health for all. She participated in several school activities, and is the president of Student Association now.

傅馨霈 FU, HSIN-PEI Abby

Abby is a senior majoring in International Relations of Political Science. Aside from international affairs, she’s also interested in gender studies and issues. In her free time, she enjoys reading, lounging around coffee shops, and scrapbooking. Having grown up in various countries, she loves meeting new people, traveling, and experiencing different cultures. However, she hasn’t had the chance to visit the Middle East, and she is excited about the upcoming trip to Kuwait.


Yao-Yu is a senior majoring foreign languages and literatures in NTU. He loves to explore the world. In his first two years of college life, he had attended the WMUN Conference held in Australia and won the second prize in a journalism competition in Quanzhou, China. Last year, he traveled around Europe while doing exchange in Sweden. He loves meeting new people, although sometimes he runs into some crazy things as well. This May he just went to Morocco and was indulged in the beauty of Islamic culture. Because of that, he’s really excited to go to Kuwait this time!


Kuang­-Ming Shang was born in Beijing, 1994. He is now a senior at National Taiwan University majoring in Electrical Engineering. Kuang-Ming was the president of NTU design thinking club. He was the director of public relation at NTUEE student association. He likes to read books and goes travel around the world. He enjoys Chinese calligraphic and collect fountain pens. He also cooks a lot!

張哲維 CHANG, CHE-WEI Kevin

Kevin is an enthusiastic boy. He is always curious about everything he saw and is brave to be out of his comfort zone. He is a graduate student studying application of wavefront sensor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NTU. Currently, he runs a social enterprise called Like It Formosa which is a non-profit organization and promotes Taiwanese culture and tourism. He is also a dancer and music-holic.


Teddy is currently a NTU sophomore majoring in accounting. He is an outgoing and open-minded person, and he is curious about everything in this world. Making new friends and exploring the unknown are his biggest interests. He likes to learn foreign languages and act under the spotlight as well. Islamic culture and Arabic civilization have always been appealing to him, so he is very excited about the visit to Kuwait.

林祐民 LIN, YU-MIN Yumin

Yu-Min is now in his fourth year majoring in Medicine in NTU. Yu-Min is an atypical medical student with wide interests in medicine, biology, healthcare system, innovation, design thinking, and management consulting. He was the officer in Model United Nations club, and 2015 HackNTU (NTU Hackathon). He loves working with people from different backgrounds, as he believes amazing thoughts happen only when all the crazy ideas come together.


Chun-Shan majors entomology as a senior in NTU. He founded the skateboard club and had served as the president of it. Receiving academic excellence award shows he got a good balance between society and schoolwork. In summer vacations, he worked as a surfing coach in Surffela shop. He loves EDM and plays piano. As a backpacker, he travelled to several countries such as Australia, India and so on, developing an independent personality.